Bsc. Human Resources Managment

Human Resource has proved to be one of the most important resources of any organization and one of the most challenging to manage. Planning for sourcing, attracting, improving, retaining human resource and phasing them out of an organization is becoming increasingly complex and has posed the need for professional management of human resources. Organizations have come to terms with the importance of modern approaches human resources management.Sound and effective human resource management policies are now essential to obtain the highest level of efficiency from the human resource of organizations to ensure their survival in today’s globally competitive world of business and in the public sector as well. This BSc is a revamped degree in the field of HRM to better meet the changed environment in which organizations are called upon to respond.

At the end of the programme those who have successfully completed the programme should be able to:

  1. Understand the complexity of human beings and their behavior as individuals, in groups or in teams
  2. Analyze the complex and turbulent environment in which organizations operate
  3. Understand the different resources an organization deploys to achieve its objectives
  4. Appreciate the role of human resource in achieving organizational objectives
  5. Understand the relatedness of different management functions and resources
  6. Use mathematical and statistical techniques to collect, organize, analyze and present information for decision-making and presentation
  7. Forecast resource and human resource requirements of an organization
  8. Plan for quantitative and qualitative human resource needs of organization
  9. Present human resource initiatives in hard financial terms to management

Entry requirements for this course are normally:

* Must have at least 5 O’level credits, including English, in no more than 2 sittings.

** For complete requirements, please check the 2019/2020 Jamb Brochure.

  • DIRECT ENTRY: Available
  • UTME SUBJECTS: Government/History and any two Arts or Social Science subjects.
  • O’LEVEL SUBJECTS: Government/History and any three Arts or Social Science subjects
Level 100
First Semester
SNo Code Course Name Credits Remark
1 BUS1301 Introduction to Business I 2 Core
2 BUS1303 Business Mathematics I 2 Core
3 SMS 1201 Introduction to Social Sciences Methods 2 Core
4 SMS 1203 Basic Computer Studies 2 Core
5 GSP 1201 Use of English 2 Core
6 ACC 1305 Principles of Accounting I 2 Core
Second Semester    
1 BUS1302 Introduction to Business II 3 Core
2 BUS1204 Elements of Business Ethics 2 Core
3 BUS1306 Business Mathematics II 3 Core
4 SMS 1202 Mathematics for Social Sciences 2 Core
5 GSP 1204 Science Technology & Society 2 Core
6 GSP 1206 Library Skills 2 Core
7 ACC 1306 Principles of Accounting II 3 Core
8 ECO  1202 Principles  of Economics II 2 Core


Level 200
First Semester
SNo Code Course Name Credits Remark
1 HRM2305 Introduction to Human Resources Management 3 Core
2 HRM2203 Introduction to Psychology 2 Core
3 HRM2207 Principles of management 2 Core
4 ECO 2301 Economic Theory I (Micro) 3 Core
5 GSP 2207 Peace & Conflict Resolution 2 Core
Second Semester
1 HRM 2306 Labour Costing 3 Core
2 HRM 2204 Human Resources Budgeting 2 Core
3 HRM 2208 Statistics for  Human Resources Management 2 Core
4 ECO2302 Economic Theory II (Macro) 3 Core
5 GSP 2202 Foundation of Nigerian Culture 2 Core
Level 300
First Semester
S.No Code Title Credits Remark
1 HRM3321 Connecting to Business & Employment Through Volunteering 3 Core
2 HRM3303 Fundamentals of Economics 3 Core
3 BUS3315 Fundamentals of Marketing 3 Core
4 HRM3317 People & Organization 3 Core
5 HRM3319 Human Resources Information System 3 Core
6 HRM3313 Employment Law 3 Core
Second Semester
1 BUS  3322 Global Business Enterprise 3 Core
2 ECON 3324 Labour Economic 3 Core
3 HRM3316 Industrial Conflicts 3 Core
4 HRM3308 Production Management 3 Core
5 ACC3328 Financial Management 3 Core
6 HRM3312 Conflicts & Conflicts Resolutions 3 Core
Level 400
First Semester
SNo Code Title Credits Remark
1 HRM4301 HRM Work-based Reflective Practice 3 Core
2 HRM4303 Learning & Development 3 Core
3 HRM4313 Reward Management 2 Core
4 HRM4307 Resourcing & Talent Management 2 Core
5 HRM4209 Collective Bargaining 3 Core
6 HRM4311 Trade union & Employers Policy 3 Core
Second Semester
1 HRM4210 Global Enterprise &Consultancy Practice 2 Core
2 HRM4318 Employee Engagement & Employment Relations 3 Core
3 HRM4306 Strategic HRM & Leadership in Organization 3 Core
4 HRM4320 International HRM 3 Core
5 HRM4312 Analysis for business Decisions 3 Core
6 HRM4414 Applied HR Project 4 Core
7 HRM4210 Global Enterprise &Consultancy Practice 2 Core