Bsc. Information Technology

The B.Sc. in Information Technology program prepares students to meet the information and communication technology needs of government, business, healthcare, universities, and other kinds of organizations. Information Technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunication systems to produce, manipulate, store, organize, retrieve, and transmit data. It involves development, installation, implementation, management, and maintenance of computer hardware and software within companies, universities, and other organizations.

IT graduates assume the responsibility of the development and selection of the appropriate computer hardware and software products and systems for an organization; and the installation, customization, implementation, management, and maintenance of such products and systems for the organization’s computer users.

The International Open University joins worldly IT knowledge and Islamic knowledge in this exciting program. Hence, we’ve created a unique opportunity for students to fulfill their religious duty of seeking and sharing knowledge while securing worldly benefits. In today’s society, computers and information technology touches almost every aspect of modern life. Thus, learning IT is a magnificent way, that a person can contribute to his/her society.

prepares students to meet the information and communication technology needs of government, business, healthcare, universities, and other kinds of organizations

Entry requirements for this course are normally:

* Must have at least 5 O’level credits, including English, in no more than 2 sittings.

** For complete requirements, please check the 2019/2020 Jamb Brochure.

  • DIRECT ENTRY: Available
  • UTME SUBJECTS: Mathematics, Physics and any other Science subject
  • O’LEVEL SUBJECTS: Mathematics, Physics and any two Science subjects
Level 100
First Semester
SNo Code Course Name Credits Remark
1 CSC1303 Introduction to Computer Science 3 Core
2 ITC1203 Fundamentals of Information Technology 2 Core
3 CSC1311 Statistics for Physical Sciences and Engineering 3 Core
4 SWE1301 Introduction to Problem Solving and Software Development 3 Core
5 MTH1301 Elementary Mathematics I 3 Core
6 PHY1210 Mechanics 2 Core
7 PHY1220 Electricity and Magnetism 2 Core
8 GSP1201 Use of English 2 Core
Second Semester    
1 CBS1202 Fundamentals of Cyber Security I 2 Core
2 CST1301 Introduction to Application Packages 3 Core
3 SWE1304 Introduction to Computer Programming 3 Core
4 GSP1202 Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT 2 Core
5 MTH1303 Elementary Mathematics III 3 Core
Level 200
First Semester
SNo Code Course Name Credits Remark
1 SWE2313 Computer Programming  I 3 Core
2 ITC2201 Introduction to Web Computing 2 Core
3 ITC2203 Information Technology in Business 2 Core
4 SWE2301 Introduction to Software Engineering 3 Core
5 CSC2253 Data Structure and Algorithm 2 Core
6 CSC2323 Discrete Structures 3 Core
7 GSP2204 Foundation of Nigerian Culture, Government & Economy 2 Core
8 GSP2206 Peace studies and Conflict 2 Core
9 GSP2201 Use of English 2 Core (DE Only)
Second Semester
1 CSC2204 Analysis of Algorithms 2 Core
2 SWE2204 Human Computer Interaction 2 Core
3 SWE2315 System Analysis and Design 3 Core
4 CSC2206 Computer Architecture and Organization I 2 Core
5 CSC2210 Operating Systems I 2 Core
6 SWE2314 Computer Programming II 3 Core
7 CSC2206 Computer Architecture and Organisation I 2 Core
8 MTH2205 Linear Algebra I 2 Core
9 GSP2205 Logic and Philosophy 2 Core
10 GSP2202 Use of Library, Study Skill &ICTs 2 Core (DE Only)


Level 300
First Semester
S.No Code Title Credits Remark
1 ITC3201 Data Analysis 2 Core
2 ITC3202 Enterprise Architecture 2 Core
3 ITC3303 Data Communications and Networking 3 Core
4 ITC3304 Web Application Development 3 Core
5 SWE3202 System Testing, Integration and Quality Assurance 2 Core
6 CSC3251 Research Methods 2 Core
7 ITC3305 Database Management Systems 3 Core
8 ITC3321 Web Server Administration 3  Elective
9 ITC3331 Database Programming 3  Elective
10 ITC3341 Network Servers and Infrastructures 3  Elective
Second Semester
1 ITC3600 SIWES 6 Core


Level 400
First Semester
SNo Code Title Credits Remark
1 ITC4204 Mobile Application Development 2 Core
2 SWE4203 Project Management 2 Core
3 ITC3306 Distributed Systems 3 Core
4 ITC4303 Applied Networks and Security 3 Core
5 ITC4223 Ethics and Professional Practice 2 Core
6 EEP3201 Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2 Core
7 ITC4305 Integrative Programming and Technologies 3 Core
8 ITC4321 Web Development using Content Management Systems 3 Elective
9 ITC4331 Database Administration 3 Elective
10 CBS4303 Network Security 3 Elective
11 ITC4342 Software Defined Networks 3 Elective
Second Semester
1 ITC4307 System Administration and Management 3 Core
2 EEP4201 Venture Creation and Growth 2 Core
3 CBS4211 Enterprise Security and Information Assurance 2 Core
4 ITC4215 Special Topics in IT 2 Core
5 ITC4600 Project 6 Core
6 ITC4322 Mobile Development 3 Elective
7 CBS4310 Database Application Security 3 Elective
8 ITC4344 Cloud Computing 3 Elective
9 ITC4341 Wireless Communications and Networking 3 Elective