BSc. International Relations

Political Science and International Relations as a course of study is highly relevant in the contemporary globalized new world order. Political Science is the study of ‘power’ and power relations among men within the state and International system while International Relations are useful for understanding relations among States and International Organisations, their interdependence, and mutual co-existence.

It is ideal for anyone wishing to understand the international aspects of global problems such as environmental degradation and economic globalization. It also offers a broad understanding of the core literature and main theoretical issues in this field.

  • To equip the students with adequate statistical and quantitative skills and the ability to apply them to the analysis of socio-economic and political issues and policies.
  • To have the knowledge and understanding of political science methods
  • An understanding of how political institutions emerge, how they operate, how they interact with their external environment, and how they shape individual and collective behavior.
  • Understand the fundamental concepts, issues, and theories central to comparative politics and international relations, and be able to explain the similarities and differences between various types of polities and how they affect their behavior.
  • Have a competence in the basic methodology of research and analysis in political science and be able to analyze and formulate effective argumentation about the political world in writing and oral presentation, making use of that competence.
  • Enable to describe and explain political theory, political systems around the world, and politics in the international arena.

Entry requirements for this course are normally:

* Must have at least 5 O’level credits, including English, in no more than 2 sittings.

** For complete requirements, please check the 2019/2020 Jamb Brochure.

  • DIRECT ENTRY: Available
  • UTME SUBJECTS: Government/History and any two Arts or Social Science subjects.
  • O’LEVEL SUBJECTS: Government/History and any three Arts or Social Science subjects
Level 100
First Semester
SNo Code Course Name Credits Remark
1 INT 1205 Structure of International System 2 Core
2 INT 1207 Introduction to International Studies 2 Core
3 SMS 1201 Introduction to Social Sciences Methods 2 Core
4 SMS 1203 Basic Computer Studies 2 Core
5 GSP 1201 Use of English 2 Core
6 ECO1201 Principles of Economics I 2 Core
7 BUS 1315 Elements of Management 2 Core
Second Semester    
1 SMS 1202 Mathematics for Social Sciences 2 Core
2 GSP 1204 Science Technology & Society 2 Core
3 GSP 1206 Library Skills 2 Core
4 ECO  1202 Principles  of Economics II 2 Core
5 INT 1208 International migration I 2 Core
6 INT 1212 International Politics of Africa 2 Core
7 INT 1210 Theory & Practice of Administration 2 Core
8 INT 1214 Concepts in International Relations 2 Core
Level 200
First Semester
SNo Code Course Name Credits Remark
1 INT2305 Evolution of Modern International System 3 Core
2 INT2203 History & Practice of Diplomacy 2 Core
3 INT2207 International Environmental Politics 2 Core
4 POL2309 Nigerian Government &Politics 3 Core
5 INT2211 International Law & Diplomacy 2 Core
6 HRM2203 Introduction to Psychology 2 Core
Second Semester
1 INT2306 South-South Cooperation 3 Core
2 INT2204 International Laws & Diplomacy 2 Core
3 INT2208 International Migration 2 Core
4 INT2302 Pre-colonial African Diplomacy 3 Core
5 INT2202 Introduction to foreign Policy 2 Core
6 INT2310 Europe from French Revolution to the World War 3 Core
Level 300
First Semester
S.No Code Title Credits Remark
1 INT3321 Nigerian Foreign Policy I 3 Core
2 INT3303 International relation & the Media 3 Core
3 INT3315 Asia in World Politics 3 Core
4 INT3317 Contemporary Political Analysis 3 Core
5 INT3319 Logic & Method in Political Analysis 3 Core
6 INT3313 Nigerian Political Economy 3 Core
Second Semester
1 INT3322 War & Peace  in West Africa 3 Core
2 INT3324 East and Central Africa 3 Core
3 INT3316 Foreign Policy Analysis 3 Core
4 INT3308 Theories in International Relations 3 Core
5 INT3328 Regional integration & Institution 3 Core
6 INT3312 Contemporary Strategic Studies 3 Core
Level 400
First Semester
SNo Code Title Credits Remark
1 INT4301 China in world politics 3 Core
2 INT4303 International economic relations 3 Core
3 INT4213 Human Right 2 Core
4 INT4207 New World Economic & Political order 2 Core
5 INT4311 International Relations & Security 3 Core
6 INT4315 Global terrorism 3 Core
7 INT4209 Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving and Negotiation Skills 2
Second Semester
1 INT 4210 Russia in world politic 2 Core
2 INT4218 United States foreign policy 2 Core
3 INT4206 Energy Diplomacy &Oil Politics 2 Core
4 INT4222 Afro-Asia Relations 2 Core
5 INT4220 International institutions 2 Core
6 INT4614 Project 6 Core
7 INT4312 Foreign Policies of Great Power 3 Core