BSc. Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution

BSc Peace and Conflict Studies are designed to equip undergraduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to solve problems independently. The programme of the Maaun will also enable them to monitor and critically evaluate the development of knowledge required for peace and conflict research. The course is focused on critically assessing the causes and consequences of conflict and examining the theories and practices of post-violence peacebuilding, which is appropriate given that it is rooted in a society emerging from decades of protracted violence.

By completing the programme, you would have acquired a thorough understanding of advanced issues in peace and conflict research in order to be able to critically examine, assess and analyze the origin, dynamics, and resolution of armed conflicts on a scientific basis.  You will have a broad-based competence with special knowledge of how to moderate conflict and maintain peace and justice at all levels of society.

  • Formulate precise research questions and develop an appropriate analytical design using historical, qualitative and/or quantitative methodological approaches;
  • Make independent and qualified assessment of other people’s work, give constructive feedback, and receive and critically assess feedback on your own work;
  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of key theories of causes of conflict and conditions for peace and can assess their explanatory powers;
  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of basic issues pertaining to the purpose and practice of history and political science, and how these practices differ, complement and enrich each other.

Entry requirements for this course are normally:

* Must have at least 5 O’level credits, including English, in no more than 2 sittings.

** For complete requirements, please check the 2021/2022 Jamb Brochure.

  • DIRECT ENTRY: Available
  • UTME SUBJECTS: Government/History and any two Arts or Social Science subjects.
  • O’LEVEL SUBJECTS: Government/History and any three Arts or Social Science subjects

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