MAAUN, a Private University For the Public Good

Maryam Abacha American University of Nigeria (MAAUN) is the first Bilingual Private University in Sub Saharan Africa and the First to institutionalise Internationalisation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation skills in its teaching and learning programs.

In it’s innovative strategy for empowering the students towards leadership and development skill, creative programs in the institution help the students to identify social issues and develop sustainable solutions through development ideas through brainstorming sessions, networking while learning various development approaches and practices.

The professionalisation program is implemented in collaboration with many internationally recognised institutions of learning among which include, European Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education (ECLEE), Jagora University, UNESCO-REF among others.

Our students say MAAUN feels like home, and we are happy to start understanding how to identify community issues, brainstorming and developing project ideas towards solving identified social problems at the initial stage. This will greatly help our studies and life during and after school (including in jobs or business). It is a great opportunity to be part of this international University.

Musa Abdullahi Sufi

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