Business Administration

Gain a solid foundation in business principles, develop essential management skills, and unlock countless career opportunities across various industries, from marketing and human resources to entrepreneurship and consulting.


A bachelor degree of Business Administration sharpens and develops students management skills which employers require and those that makes a graduate self-reliant. The course will enable students learn about the basics of business, learn how to communicate well, think strategically and critically and learn outstanding leadership skills. The course structure includes coursework in marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, ethics, project management and global business.


Our business administration graduates are also taught how to recognize business opportunities for new ventures and evaluating their potential for business success. Understanding implementation issues including financial, legal, operational and administrative procedures involved in starting new ventures.

Career Opportunities

With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, you will be able to: 

  • Operate as a Business/Management consultant.

  • Serve as an Actuarist.

  • Establish and manage entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Work in leadership positions such as a Chief Executive officer, Chief Financial Officer or Chief operating officer.

  • Evaluate or assess financial data to measure performance of an enterprise as a Financial Analyst.

  • Formulate an appropriate marketing mix and Conduct comprehensive market research.

  • Be a good Marketing manager.

  • Lead and Manage Projects.

  • Work as an effective Sales manager.

  • Be a customer-oriented Banker.

  • Be a disciplined Civil servant.

Program Learning Outcomes


Year 1

Element of Book-Keeping
Mathematics for Business II
Principles of Economics I
Introduction to Business I
Introduction to Computer & Application
English& Communications
Introduction to French Language I
Principles of Accounting I
Professional Ethics
Mathematics for Business II
Principles of Economics II
Introduction to Business II
History & Philosophy of Science
Use of Library, Study Skills & ICT
Introduction to French Language II

Year 2

Principles of Accounting II
Principles and Practice of Management.
Business Law I
Elements of Statistics I
Cost Accounting I
Micro-Economic Theory
Philosophy, Logic & Human Existence
French Language I
Elements of Statistics II
Leadership and Corporate Governance
Business Law II
Consumer Behaviour
Cost Accounting II
Macro-Economic Theory
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Year 3

Research Method
Organizational Behaviour
Marketing Management
Security Analysis and Nigerian Capital Market
Industrial Learning & Tour
Management Accounting
Peace and Conflict Resolution
French Language II
Business Communication Skills
Financial Management I
Human Resource Management
Entrepreneurship Development.
Management Theory
Production Management
Small Business Management
Venture Creation

Year 4

Financial Management II
Business policy & Strategy 1
Analysis for Business Decision
International Economics
Management Information System
Business innovations & Cases
French Language III
Corporate Planning`
Business Policy & Strategy II
Comparative Management
International Business
Research Project
International Marketing

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