Peace and Conflict Resolution

Gain the skills and knowledge to understand the root causes of conflicts, develop effective peacebuilding strategies, and promote social justice and reconciliation.


The cardinal objective of Peace and Conflict Resolution program is to introduce students to an academic field, with emphasis on the genesis of peace studies, the theoretical background that supports its fundamental insights, questions, and the ethics of war and peace.

Students will be able to analyze contemporary causes of conflict and introduce the main issues in the field of conflict mapping and conflict theory. Thus, they will be able to review some of the most viable approaches to peace, including missions, activities of UN organs, role of NGOs, civil society organizations, and international and human rights laws.

The program offers a unique insight on how to examine some of the important dimensions of peace, conflict and violence on various levels including ethnic and religious factors, questions and marginalization, justice, equality, environment and structures of international agencies and systems.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of Peace and Conflict Resolutions can be useful the following, but not limited to;

  • Formulation of peace and resolution policies
  • Peace advocacy and Management
  • Peace and conflict arbitration
  • Knowledge advancement and Research
  • Peace educators and Envoys

Program Learning Outcomes


Year 1 – Freshmen

Element of Government
Intro. To Conflict Resolution Process
Intro. Peace Education
Principle of Economic I
Introduction to Computer & Application
English& Communications
Introduction to French Language I
History of Philosophy of Peace Studies
Ethnography and Social Structure of Nigeria
Introduction to law
Introduction of Sociology
History & Philosophy of Science
Use of Library, Study Skills & ICT
Introduction to French Language II

Year 2 – Sophomore

Culture Values and Conflict in Nigeria
Sociology of Crime & Delinquency
Human Right Law
International Politics of the Environment
Peace Keeping & Conflict Resolution
French Language I
Philosophy, Logic & Human Existence
Understanding War and Conflict
Social Alternatives
New States in World Politics
Fundamentals of Peace Studies
Security Practice Management
Globalization & Equity
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Year 3 – Junior

Terrorism and Global Conflict
Resource Access and Conflict
Philosophies & Great Personation of Peace
History of Conflict in Nigeria
Early Warming Mechanism
Research Method I
The Media Information Management & Conflict
Peace and Conflict Resolution
French Language II
Military Intervention and Conflict
International system of Peace & Conflict Management
Urban Violence & Security
Peace Building, Monitoring & Evaluation
Research Method II
Gender in War & Peace
Cultism, Substance Abuse & Conflict
Venture Creation

Year 4 – Senior

Contemporary Strategic Study
Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
International Organization & Peace Building
Weapons proliferation & Conflict
War & Society in the Middle East
Crime, Punishment & Prevention
French language III
Conflict Modelling & Peace Building
Nigerian Civil War
Governance, International Law and fundamental Human Right
Foreign Polices of Great Power
Research Project

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