Information Technology

With a focus on first-hand experience and real-world applications, this program prepares graduates for successful careers in IT.


The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (IT) trains students to meet the information and communication technology needs of government, business, healthcare, universities, and other organizations. Information Technology is the use of computers and telecommunication systems to create, manipulate, store, organize, retrieve, and transmit data. It entails development, installation, implementation, management, and upkeep of computer hardware and software within businesses, universities, and other organizations.

Graduates of IT are responsible for the development and selection of appropriate computer hardware and software products and systems for organizations, as well as the installation, customization, implementation, management, and maintenance of such products and systems for computer users in organizations.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of our Information Technology program are well-prepared for a wide range of careers in the field of technology. Some potential roles for graduates include:

Network Administrator: Design, install, and maintain computer networks, troubleshoot network issues, and ensure network security and reliability.
Database Administrator: Manage, organize, and maintain databases, design and implement data storage and retrieval systems, and ensure data security and integrity.
Systems Analyst: Analyze business requirements and technology systems, design and implement information systems, and troubleshoot system issues.
Web Developer: Design and develop websites, create user interfaces, and ensure websites are secure and user-friendly.

In addition to these specific roles, graduates can also pursue careers in various industries, such as:

E-commerce: Develop and maintain e-commerce websites, design and implement payment processing systems, and analyze customer data to identify trends and insights.
Healthcare: Design and implement software systems for electronic health records, medical imaging, and patient monitoring, and ensure data privacy and security.
Finance: Develop financial software applications, manage data security for financial institutions, and analyze financial data to identify trends and insights.
Education: Develop educational software applications and platforms, design and maintain school websites, and create online learning modules.

Furthermore, this program also prepares graduates for entrepreneurship and innovation, enabling them to start their own tech companies or work in the startup industry. With a strong foundation in programming languages, web development, database management, and systems analysis, graduates of our Information Technology program are well-equipped to make a positive impact in the world of technology.

Program Learning Outcomes


Year 1 – Freshmen

Introduction to Computer and Applications

Introduction to Statistics
Elementary Mathematics I
General Chemistry
English and Communications
General Biology
Introduction to French Language I
Fundamentals of Cyber Security
Problem Solving Techniques
Elementary Mathematics II
Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT
Electricity & Magnetism
Introduction to French Language II
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Nigerian Peoples and Culture

Year 2 – Sophomore

Internet & Web Programming
Information Technology in Business
Data Structure and Algorithm
Discrete Structures
Principles of Programming I
Philosophy, Logic and Human Existence
French Language I

Enterprise Architecture
Network Servers and Infrastructures
Web Development using Content Management Systems
Principles of Programming II
Human Computer Interaction
System Analysis and Design
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Year 3 – Junior

Applied Networks and Security
Data Communications and Networking
Web Server Administration
Research Methods & Technical Report Writing
E-Commerce System & Application
System Testing, Integration and Quality Assurance
Principles of Operating System
Computer Ethics & Cyber Law
Peace and Conflict Resolution
French Language II


Year 4 – Senior

IT Project Planning & Management
Mobile Application Development
Integrative Programming and Technologies
Network Design & Management
Distributed & Parallel Computing
Knowledge-Based Information Systems
System Vulnerability Assessment and Testing
French Language III
Venture Creature

Network Administration
Management of ICT Resources
Mobile & Wireless Technology
Database System & Administration
Enterprise Security and Information Assurance
Research Project

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