Mass Communication

Develop your creative voice, hone your writing and reporting skills, and gain a deep understanding of the impact of media on society.


Mass Communication is taught in both Universities and Polytechnics.
The Mass Communication Course is an Innovative media- based degree that allows you to develop
specialist knowledge of the concepts, theories and practices and methods that characterize,
contemporary media, communication and cultural studies.
The objectives of the Bsc. Mass communication Programmes are to equip students with the appropriate
knowledge and skills in Mass Communication in order for them to:

  • Make use of good writing and other Communication skills.
  • Practice Modern Professional in journalism, media and Communication using all the available opportunities and Technologies.
  • To become freelance journalists in their various areas of specializations in modern journalism practice.

Career Opportunities

The practical application of Mass Communication can be seen in 

  • JOURNALISM: This Field comprises working as a journalist at some print, broadcast and online media organization. A journalist can also be a freelance journalist, including investigative journalist.
  • MARKETING AND ADVERTISING: A graduate of mass communication, can work with advertising agency.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY : Mass communication students are taught photojournalism, and can work as a photojournalist.
  • CONTENT WRITING : A mass communication graduate can work as editor and writers. They can write blogs articles, content for websites, and other areas.
  • ON AIR PERSONALITY: A mass communication graduate can work as radio and television presenters.


A mass communication graduate can work as public relations officers who can work in any
organization, such as hospital, bank, non-governmental organization, schools etc.
Communication graduates can be a graphic designer who makes advertisements designs for
magazines, books, business billboard.

Program Learning Outcomes


Year 1 – Freshmen

African Communication Systems
Introduction to Mass Communication
History of Nigerian Mass Media
Introduction to English language
Introduction to Computer & Application
English & Communications
Introduction to French Language I
American Communication Systems
Introduction to Public Relations
Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Writing for the Mass Media
History and Philosophy of Science
Use of Library, Study Skills & ICT
Introduction to French Language II

Year 2 – Sophomore

Theories of Mass Communication
Media and Society
Media Law and Ethics
Elements of Photo Journalism
Investigative Reporting
Elements of Statistics
Philosophy, Logic & Human Existence
French Language I
News Reporting and Writing
Public Relations
Editing & Graphic Communication
Practice of Photo Journalism
Educational Broadcasting
Elements of Advertising
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Year 3 – Junior

Newspaper Production
Critical Writing and Report
Mass Com and National Dev.
Media Law and Ethics II
Mass Media in Nigeria
Media Management
Peace and Conflict Resolution
French Language II
Editing and Graphic Communication
News Reporting and Writing
Editorial Writing
Practice of Advertising
Int’l Public Relations
Research Method in Mass Com I
Venture Creation

Year 4 – Senior

Practice Of Public Relations
Elements Of Broadcasting
Research Method in Mass Com II
Integrated Marketing Communication
Media Law and Ethics III
French Language III
Advertising in Nigeria
Development Communication
Online Journalism
Media and Gender
Advanced Communication Theories
Research Project

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