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Why Choose Us

Quality Education

As a leading university, we are dedicated to providing our students with the best academic, social, and personal experience

We have committed to invest in both our innovative approach to education and in our facilities. We stand out from other universities in that our students benefit from industry-relevant teaching, resources, and support designed to help them succeed. This ranges from our modern library, laboratories, and computing facilities to dedicated careers advice and our diverse and impressive range of student activities.

Peaceful Learning Enviroment

It is very important for students and teachers to have a positive learning environment. The university that is an institution for educating students should be a peaceful and happy environment. There are principles such as love, respect, honesty, courage, empathy, and kindness in a peaceful and happy university.
MAAUN will not tolerate behavior by students, families, staff, or visitors which is insulting, degrading, or stereotyping of any race, religion, gender, disability, physical characteristics, ethnic group, sexual preference, age, or nationality

Quality of Staff & Faculty

Quality at the MAAUN means doing the right things at the right time in the right way to achieve top results. The fit-for-purpose operating models are continuously assessed and developed to further improve results. Quality means expedient operations and high-quality results.
The University’s quality culture is the atmosphere of the University community supporting high-quality operations. The quality culture manifests itself in the high commitment of the staff and students to their work and studies. The staff and students collaborate in accordance with the values and objectives of the University and adhere to common policies. They also share good practices and engage in continuous evaluation.

Our Facts at a Glance

Facts at a Glance” provides a statistical snapshot report of all courses and programs offered by MAAUN. We will hold ourselves accountable for preparing all children to achieve academic excellence and strength of character so that they have the opportunity to succeed in all aspects of life.

  • A private, University founded in 2020
  • Located in the ancient city of Kano; center for commerce
  • Accredited by the National university commission NUC in 2020.
  • Running three schools Science and technology, social and management and basic medical sciences
  • Ensure all students are equipped with skills to succeed in college, career and life


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