LL. B Law

Delve into the intricate fabric of justice, governance, and societal order. Acquire a profound understanding of legal principles, ethics, and the mechanics of the judiciary. Equip yourself with the skills to interpret, advocate, and uphold the law, playing a pivotal role in shaping a just and equitable society.



The LL.B Law program at Maryam Abacha American University provides a comprehensive exploration of the diverse realms of law, from constitutional and criminal law to corporate and international law. Emphasizing rigorous scholarship, critical thinking, and ethical practice, students are trained to navigate the complexities of legal challenges with precision and integrity. The program not only prepares students for the legal profession but also instills a sense of responsibility, emphasizing the pivotal role of lawyers in safeguarding justice and human rights.

Career Opportunities

The Law program paves the path to an array of esteemed career prospects in the legal sphere and beyond. Potential career opportunities include:

  1. Litigation Lawyer: Represent clients in court, presenting facts and arguing cases to achieve justice for individuals or entities.

  2. Corporate Lawyer: Advise businesses on legal rights, obligations, and best practices, ensuring compliance and mitigating risks.

  3. Human Rights Lawyer: Advocate for the rights and freedoms of individuals, often representing vulnerable or marginalized groups against injustices.

  4. Environmental Lawyer: Address issues related to environmental protection, sustainability, and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

  5. Legal Consultant: Offer expert advice on legal matters, often specializing in areas like intellectual property, international law, or tax law.

  6. Judge or Magistrate: Preside over court proceedings, interpreting the law, and ensuring fair trials.

Graduates can also venture into roles beyond traditional legal practice, such as:

  • Diplomacy & International Relations: Represent national interests, mediate disputes, and forge international agreements.

  • Public Policy & Governance: Shape policies, ensure legal compliance, and work towards good governance at local, state, or national levels.

  • Academia & Research: Engage in legal scholarship, contribute to law literature, and teach budding lawyers.

  • Legal Journalism: Cover legal proceedings, interpret significant rulings, and educate the public on legal matters.

  • Non-Profit Sector: Work with NGOs and advocacy groups to drive change, champion causes, and impact policy through legal means.

This program also encourages a spirit of innovation, enabling graduates to take entrepreneurial routes, perhaps by setting up their own law firms or introducing tech solutions to the legal industry. With a robust foundation in legal theories, ethics, and case studies, graduates of our LL.B Law program stand poised to champion justice, equity, and societal progress.


Program Learning Outcomes


Year 1 – Freshmen

Communication in English
Nigerian Peoples and Culture
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Social and Political
Legal Methods I
Legal Methods II
English for Legal Writing
Introduction to Logic

Year 2 – Sophomore

Philosophy, Logic and Human
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Constitutional Law I
Constitutional Law II
Nigerian Legal System I
Nigerian Legal System II
Law of Contract I
Law of Contract II

Year 3 – Junior

Peace and Conflict Resolution
Venture Creation
Criminal Law I
Criminal Law II
Law of Torts I
Law of Torts II
Commercial Law I
Commercial Law II

Year 4 – Senior

Law of Evidence I
Law of Evidence II
Equity and Trusts I
Equity and Trusts II
Property Law I
Property Law II
Clinical and Moot Court Practice
Clinical and Moot Court Practice

Year 5 -Senior

Jurisprudence and Legal Theory I
Jurisprudence and Legal Theory II
Company Law I
Company Law II
Long Essay

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