International Relations

Gain a deep understanding of global issues, international organizations, and diplomatic practices, and acquire the skills needed to navigate the intricacies of international relations.


The major objectives of the International relations are to:

  • Prepare students for lives of enlightened and responsible citizenship.
  • Assist students to attain knowledge of the theory and practice of global politics and understand key concepts and concerns in international relations, including notably the way power is acquired and used globally and how states and non-state actors interact.
  • Encourage students develop the faculties of expression and critical thinking, deal with numerous issues, concepts, and theories to expand their knowledge of the world around them.
  • Prepare students for graduate work in Civil society, International organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, politics, law, and public service.
  • Align relationships between countries, the roles of sovereign states and inter-governmental organizations, international and other non-governmental organizations as well as multinational corporations.

Career Opportunities

An International relations degree program covers topics related to political science, sociology, law, criminology, cultural studies, psychology, government, and history. Students of International studies hone several skills, including public speaking and their ability to network and make professional connections and on important aspects as research, writing, and critical thinking.  

Here are common goals that graduate who have earned International studies degrees might try to accomplish:

  1. Diplomat – Maintaining good relations between countries
  2. International aid/development worker
  3. Human rights advocate
  4. Academics
  5. Global Political analyst
  6. Lobbyist – Promoting ideas to those who can make them a reality
  7. Communication Specialist
  8. International Consultant
  9. International Civil Servant/Bureaucrat
  10. Translator/Interpreter
  11. Intelligence specialist

Program Learning Outcomes


Year 1 –  Freshmen

Introduction to International Relations
Introduction to African Politics
Introduction to Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
Introduction to Computer & Application
English& Communications
Introduction to French Language I

Evolution of Contemporary International System
History of Europe from 1300-1914
Concepts in International Relations
History & Philosophy of Science
Use of Library, Study Skills & ICT
Introduction to French Language II

Year 2 – Sophomore

Structure of International System
Nigerian Government and Politics
Introduction to Political Ideas

Philosophy, Logic & Human Existence
French Language I

International Law & Diplomacy
Peace and Conflict Resolution
Nigerian Foreign Policy
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Year 3 – Junior

Theories of International Relations
Global South in International Relations
International Organizations and Regional Integration
Ethnicity and Conflict in Africa
Diplomatic Field Trip
Gender in International Relations (Elective)
Environmental Politics (Elective)
Peace and Conflict Resolution
French Language II
International Economic Relations
Research Method
Foreign Policy Analysis
Contemporary Strategic Studies
ECOWAS and Regional Integration (Elective)
Asia in World Politics (Elective)
Venture Creation

Year 4 – Senior

American Foreign Policy since 1945
The Media and Global Politics
Security Studies
Comparative Politics
Political Thought
Russian Foreign Policy since 1917 (Elective)
Energy Politics (Elective)
French language III
Research Project
Negotiation in International Affairs
The African Union in International Relations
The Middle East in Global Politics
China in World Politics (Elective)
Terrorism and Transnational Crimes (Elective)

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