Data Science

Venture into the frontier of the digital age, where data drives decisions and innovation. Master the art and science of extracting meaningful insights from vast and varied data sets. Equip yourself with the tools and techniques to transform raw data into actionable knowledge, steering businesses and institutions towards informed, data-driven strategies.



The B. Sc. Data Science program at Maryam Abacha American University offers a comprehensive dive into the world of data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. By integrating mathematics, statistics, and computer science, students are groomed to become adept at uncovering patterns, predicting trends, and making data-informed decisions. The program balances rigorous academic theory with hands-on practical experience, priming students to address real-world data challenges.

Career Opportunities

The Data Science program opens doors to a myriad of influential career paths in the fast-evolving landscape of technology and analytics. Potential career opportunities include:

  1. Data Scientist: Analyze complex data sets to extract insights, develop data models, and drive decision-making processes across industries.

  2. Machine Learning Engineer: Design and implement algorithms that allow computers to perform tasks without explicit programming, pushing the boundaries of AI.

  3. Data Engineer: Architect, construct, and maintain large-scale processing systems, ensuring data availability and integrity for analysis.

  4. Statistical Analyst: Apply statistical theories and methods to solve practical problems, helping organizations interpret data and forecast trends.

  5. Data Visualization Specialist: Translate complex data findings into visual narratives, making insights accessible and actionable for stakeholders.

  6. Big Data Architect: Design and oversee the infrastructure that handles vast amounts of data, ensuring scalability, reliability, and performance.

Graduates can also pursue roles in diverse sectors, such as:

  • Tech Companies: Lead innovations in machine learning, AI, and analytics, shaping the next generation of tech solutions.

  • Finance & Banking: Use data to forecast market trends, assess risks, and devise investment strategies.

  • Healthcare: Drive medical advancements by analyzing patient data, research results, and clinical studies.

  • E-commerce & Retail: Optimize customer experiences, supply chains, and sales strategies through data insights.

  • Governmental Bodies: Shape public policy, improve civic services, and enhance public safety using data-driven insights.

This program also nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship, encouraging graduates to launch data-centric ventures or pioneer transformative analytical tools and platforms. With a solid grounding in computational skills, statistical methodologies, and domain knowledge, graduates of our Data Science program are positioned to be trailblazers in the data revolution, impacting sectors globally.

Program Learning Outcomes


Year 1 – Freshmen

Communication in English
Nigerian Peoples and Culture
Elementary Mathematics I
Elementary Mathematics II
General Physics I
General Physics II
General Practical Physics I
General Practical Physics II
Descriptive Statistics
Introduction to Computing Sciences
Problem Solving

Year 2 – Sophomore

Philosophy, Logic and Human Existence
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Mathematical Methods I
Sets, Logic and Algebra I
Introduction to Numerical Analysis
Computer Programming I
Computer Programming II
Introduction to Data Science
Statistical Computing Inference and Modelling

Introduction to R Programming
Discrete Structures

Year 3 – Junior

Peace and Conflict Resolution
Venture Creation
Big Data Computing
Data Management I
Ethics and Legal Issues in Data Science
Probability for Data Science
Data Science Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Cybersecurity and Strategy

Year 4 – Senior

Research Methodology & Technical Report Writing
Data Visualisation for Data-driven Decision Making
Final Year Project I
Final Year Project II
Project Management

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