Gain a deep understanding of economic theories, principles,  practices and acquire the analytical and quantitative skills needed to tackle complex economic challenges.


BSc. Economics program is to produce classical academics and professionals who will meaningfully contribute to the developmental phases of the global community by educating students in quality and practical understanding of economic analyses.

The objective of BSc in Economics is to equip students with a solid foundation in the subject of economics as well as the specific knowledge required to recognize global issues within agricultural, labor and productivity economics inter alia and offer solutions in order to advance national development.


Career Opportunities

Economists can be useful in numerous fields. 

  • In Public Finance and fiscal policy;
  • in general financial and investment consultancy.
  • in formulation of Government economic policies.
  • in interacting with international and financial monetary agencies. 
  • in participating in packaging and issuance of financial securities.
  • in the advancement of knowledge and research.

Program Learning Outcomes


Year 1 – Freshmen

Elements of Book-Keeping
Introduction to Statistics I
Mathematics for Economics I
Intro. to Computer & its Applications
English& Communications
Principles of Economics I
Introduction French Language I
Introduction to Business I
Principles of Accounting I
Introduction to Statistics II
Mathematics for Economics II
Principles of Economics II
History and Philosophy of Science
Use of Library, Study Skills & ICT
Introduction French Language II
Introduction to Business II

Year 2 – Sophomore

Micro Economics Theory
Mathematics for Economists III
Elements of Statistics I
Structure of Nigerian Economy
Principles of Accounting II
Labour Economics
French Language I
Philosophy, Logic & Human Existence
Macro Economics Theory
Public Policy
Elements of Statistics II
Consumer Behavior
Elements of Public Sector & Finance
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Year 3 – Junior

Intermediate Microeconomics
Econometrics I
History of Economics Thought
Industrial Economics
Public Sector Economics
Structure of the Nigerian Economy
Managerial Economics
Peace and Conflict Resolution
French Language II
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
Econometrics II
Development Economics
International Trade
Research Methods
Political Economics
Monetary Economics &Policy
Venture Creation

Year 4 – Senior

Advanced Micro Economics I
Advanced Macro Economics I
Applied Econometrics I
Economic Planning
Industrial Economics
Industrial Relations
Comparative Economics Systems
French Language III
Advanced Micro Economics II
Advanced Macro Economics II
Applied Econometrics II
Energy/Petroleum Economics
Research Project
Project Evaluation
Agricultural Economics

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