The students of Maryam Abacha American University of Nigeria, MAAUN Kano visited the Daily Trust Regional office to understand the practical disposition of how newspaper is packaged and published, starting from the various editorial stages to final printing of the edition.

On arrival at the Daily Trust Newspaper Kano Regional Office, the students were received by some members of the editorial board, Salim and Idris, who welcomed the students to the Kano Trust publication newsroom.

Shortly before then, the students’ tutor, Malam S. R. Audu had introduced the students to Daily Trust Newspaper Salim, Idris, and some other members of editorial staff. He informed the Daily Trust officers that the purpose of the visit to their regional office

According to Mal. Saka Raji Audu, the essence of the students’ visit was to educate the students on the practical aspects of the theoretical framework they had in the classroom. The Daily Trust Newspaper representatives, Mr. Salim and Mr. Idris expressed their happiness to receive the students in the office. They then took time to explain in detail how news stories are gathered and sent from the reporters to the editorial newsroom, edited and taken to the production cord machine for printing.

At the printing section, the printing press editor, Abdulhamid also took his time to explain how the four colour machines get the newspaper produced through the use of Plate, just as the students were taught in the classroom.

The students expressed their happiness over the practical knowledge they received at the Daily Trust regional newspaper as a result of the educational visit.

At every stage, the students and Daily Trust Newspaper entertained themselves with questions and answers for which everyone is educated and happy.

In a separate interview with the Tutor, Mal. S. R. Audu thanked everyone who contributed to the success of the visit, starting from the students, the Dean, School of Social and Management Sciences, Dr. Mukhtar Mahmud Sa’id, the Vice President, Prof. Uwais, the coordinator of the University Campus Life and his officers, along with other members of the MAAUN, Kano family.