SCAM ALERT!!! 08036640134

Dear all,

We have recently become aware of a scam in which some individuals (with phone numbers 08036640134) posing as agent or staff recruiting for MAAUN. These individuals are targeting victims using social media and asking them to complete a form, and then to make a payment of at least 10,000 naira into their personal bank accounts.

We would like to alert everyone that this is a scam and that MAAUN is not recruiting through any third-party agents and our admission is currently closed till June 2023. 

We urge the public to exercise caution and to never provide personal information or make payments to unknown individuals.

Please note that we never take payments in personal account. All payments payable to us must be paid to our business bank account and not a personal account. 

If you have been approached by someone (online or in person) claiming to be an agent for MAAUN, please do not engage with them and report the incident to the Police, EFCC and the Social Media platforms. We take such matters seriously and are committed to ensuring the safety and security of our community.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation in this matter.